Daily Proxies


The proxy is a historical means to hide your IP address. The term proxy refers to a remote computer that offers some of its resources. This is a server “proxy” which does in your name what you ask it to do.

So it’s its IP that appears instead of your own.

The safest for political reasons is, of course, make a proxy server abroad.


It also becomes very interesting when you are abroad and want to access sites reserved for French. For example look at the latest episode of your favorite series or others… and vice versa France have access to sites reserved for Americans.


For Firefox there is the Foxy Proxy extension that allows you to easily change daily Proxies.

However be careful with these Proxies: You do not know who they belong to. Don’t use your sensitive personal data such as bank details and passwords, etc… in short have common sense…


Check your anonymity

 So go on: ip-adress.com

You’ll get a nice aerial view of your home direct from the eye of big brother…

Simply because of your IP (Internet Protocol) at one time the IP assigned by the ISP were dynamic and changing all the time. Nowadays, due to ADSL, they became fixed.


At a time when the sale of personal information to advertising has become one of the greatest sources of wealth it is vital to protect your anonymity. Not to mention all the excesses policies as a matter of “Wow liar” or a simple post giving a personal opinion (which may also be true) sent directly to the judge.

The first thing to do to ensure your privacy is to hide IP address.

There are simple ways to do this: daily proxies, VPN and secure networks.